Justin Pipe Practice Routine

Justin Pipe Practice Routine

The Pipe’y practice routine!!! 

Well firstly I believe you should enjoy practice and not find it something you have to do but like to do.

I keep my practice routine very simple and basic, so that it’s not confusing and easy to do. 

My first practice routine is FRUSTRATION

 It’s called that for a very good reason. Your first 2 darts must score at least 80 points or 120 depending how lucky you are!! then with your 3rd dart you must hit double 1, if you hit double 1 with your last dart then move on to double 2. Score at least 80 points again and hit double 2 with your last dart!!! and so on all the way to the bull. You must hit the double before you move to the next number.

This is a great game to play as you are throwing for the main triple on the board and only having one dart at the double. When your in a must win leg and only have one dart at a double to win you may be glad you played this game. I play this 2 times a day.

My second practice game is THE INVISIBLE MAN

Give yourself 15 darts to win a leg of 501. If you have not won in 5 throws, then you have lost the leg. This is good practice as it keeps you to a 100 avg and also gives you a bit of pressure to win the leg’s.

My third practice game is TRIPLES

Easy this!! just go around the board on the triples!! simple!! well it is but if you stray out side the number you need to hit the triple on then you go back to number 1 and start again!!

Right hit triple 1 with your first dart then second dart you go for triple 2, you hit triple 2 so then you go for triple 3. If you miss triple 3 with your third dart but hit a 3 segment then fine next throw you are going for triple 3 again BUT if you miss the 3 number altogether you go back to number 1. So this game you could go all the way to triple 20 and miss the 20 segment and then have to start on number 1 again. Sounds easy!! give it ago and see how you get on. 


I hope this helps you find an alternative practice routine that you may enjoy ? it works for me, but most important you must enjoy your practice. That’s why I keep mine simple. 

Thanks for reading.  

All the best

Justin Pipe


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